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How to Choose Gypsum Board?

Aug. 01, 2017

Nowadays, there are numbers of Gypsum Board Equipment producing gypsum board. So, we should know how to choose gypsum board.

First. Ask for quality control reports to understand the quality of products.

Second. Check the appearance quality, oexamine positive if there is oil or gypsum board watermark, gypsum board front is smooth. There is no more and deeper corrugated grooves and scratches.

Third. Check the bonding degree between the cover paper and the core. To find a few random sheet where exposed gypsum core on the end of paper and hand off protective paper, if the local paper is tearing into layers that tear, protective paper and gypsum core plate bonding are good. If exposed place protective paper and gypsum core layer appear tearing that means sheet bonds badly.

In the end, check the thickness. Check whether the thickness is up to standard.

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