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Gypsum Board Processing Line Grade, High and Low

Aug. 15, 2017

Gypsum Board Processing Line has three grades.

1. The best type uses high-grade steel GB, its appearance of equipment and machinery parts with high precision and high quality accessories, computer automatic feeding, automatic paper, using foreign advanced machine, indentation machine, cutting machine, new protective paper correction mixer, plate forming machine, automatic cutting machine, hot air drying machine, automatic oil sawing, automatic sealing, automatic packing, advanced technology of automatic PLC computer program control. The annual production capacity is generally more than 20 million square meters.

2. Mid-range: all steel structure, appearance and material parts, quality requirements, general semi-automatic PLC control. Plate forming machine, deviation correcting machine and other equipment consist of the line. Heat oil and hot stove heating, the annual production capacity is of 600-1500 square meters or more.

3, Lower grade equipment uses brick and steel mixed structure, material quality requirements in general, with low yield, poor quality, manual control, roll molding, hot stove heating, investment less. In domestic, this type of Gypsum Board Manufacturing Machine has been basically eliminated.

Gypsum Board Processing Line


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