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The Working Principle of Gypsum Board Equipment

Sep. 02, 2017

Stock: modified starch, retarding machine, paper pulp, water reducer, water quantitative measurement in hydraulic pulper mixing into slurry, and then pump the slurry storage tank standby. Foaming agent and water are put into the foaming agent according to the proportion, and then the pumped into the foaming agent storage tank. The starting agent and Gypsum Powder are transported into the storage bin by lifting the conveying equipment.

Mixed ingredients: the coagulant and gypsum powder are automatically metered and weigh into the mixer, then all the main ingredients are mixed into a qualified gypsum pulp. 

All the main accessories are added to the automatic control system and adjusted automatically according to the speed of the Gypsum Board Production Line to meet the requirements of large scale and high speed.

Gypsum Board Production Line

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