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What Is the Main Working Process of Paper Faced Gypsum Board Production Plant?

Sep. 25, 2017

Paper Faced Gypsum Board Production Plant is a special equipment for producing new decorative materials at present. It main working process including:

1.The gypsum and water and a variety of added ingredients, respectively into the mixer by automatic delivery system, mixing into gypsum pulp and evenly sprinkle in the continuous moving cover paper.

2.In the continuous advance and after vibration, slurry gradually spread evenly distributed, then enters the extrusion molding machine and the upper and lower protective paper composite. 

3.Paper Faced Gypsum Board Machine in the plate forming line running through the shaping and natural solidification, automatically cut has gradually formed a solid wet gypsum board, the wet control system arranged by roller and belt conveying and turning plate, quickly enters into the drying chamber.

4.Board under the control of different temperature of hot air, wet water evaporation, starch reaction board adhesive and protective paper, gypsum board drying in the drying chamber talent shows itself.

5.Turn the plate and the film again and cut the plate into a finished product board of a certain size by the fixed length saw.

6.Finally delivery to the automatic head and automatic palletizing, stacking finished by forklift to the finished warehouse. 

Paper Faced Gypsum Board Production Plant

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