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Do You Know the Classification and Advantages of Gypsum Board and Corresponding Machine?

Oct. 16, 2017

Gypsum board is a kind of material made of building gypsum. It is a kind of material that quality is relatively small, the intensity is large, thin, processing is simple, isolated from the heat and fireproof performance is particularly good. 

1.Plaster board. It use plaster mortar as a sandwich, and a type of lightweight sheet made of paper as a protective covering. Gypsum board material is light, high strength, good fire performance, and can prevent moth eaten, processing is convenient. Ordinary plasterboard used in interior walls, partitions and ceilings. We can supply high quality Paper Faced Gypsum Board Machine.

2.Decorative gypsum board. It is building gypsum as main raw material, add a little fiber material made of sheet, many kinds of pattern decoration. This is a new type of room interior decoration material, suitable for use in the middle and high grade decoration. It has good characteristics of light weigh, fire prevention, damp prevention, easy processing and install. 

3.Fiber plaster board. Its main raw material is building gypsum powder. Its performance is better than plaster board. It has nail, and can hang things, while the paper faced board can not. Its cost is higher, but the investment rate of return is more higher. So it is a new building material with great development potential. Xiangyi Company can supply and sale quality Fiber Cement Board Production Line with best price.

Fiber Cement Board Production Line

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