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Problems and Countermeasures of Gypsum Board Ceiling

Oct. 23, 2017

The plaster board ceiling problems are mainly cracks and irregular arch, including construction and material reasons.

1.After the completion of the ceiling about half a year, cracks begin to appear at the joint of plaster board. The solution is when gypsum board ceiling, to ensure that gypsum board fixed in the absence of stress. Keel and fastening screw spacing should be strictly designed according to the requirements of the construction. Putty do not scrape too thick.

2.The ceiling appears irregular wave type. The ceiling around the grille or four corners or uneven, wood moisture content is high, form to shrinkage deformation and can cause uniform camber. 

The prevention of ceiling arching, ceiling wood should be made of high quality soft wood, its moisture content should be controlled within 12%. We are Gypsum Board Production Line manufacturer and Plaster Board Machine Factory, any quality products, welcome to contact us.

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