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Why Does the Gypsum Ceiling Board Sink and Deform?

Nov. 09, 2017

In the process of use, some users found that the gypsum ceiling produced subsidence deformation. How did this happen?

1.The strength of gypsum board is mainly determined by the quality of gypsum itself. In order to ensure certain strength, you must ensure certain thickness. In order to control the quality, now the minimum thickness of gypsum board is basically 7 millimeters. Some gypsum board manufacturer deliberately reduce the thickness of gypsum board, which undoubtedly reduce the strength of gypsum ceiling.

2.Insufficient fiber. The fiber inside the gypsum board like a large net, increases the strength of plasterboard. 

3.Excessive moisture. 

4.Keel quality is not up to standard or ceiling construction quality is not up standard.

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