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Comprehensive Project of 100 Thousand Gypsum Powder Per Year in Sichuan

Nov. 20, 2017

In 2nd November, Xiangyi Machinery carried on Sichuan project that 100 thousand tons of gypsum powder and 50 thousand tons of high strength Gypsum Powder Production Line is under construction, there are more than 20 workers in welding the warehouse, some are busy installing raw material warehouse, some are responsible for commissioning the crusher, to start the trial production and making final preparations.

Civil foundation has been completed, Gypsum Powder Equipment installation completed 95%, air drying equipment is in place, you can carry out trial production. This project leader Yang Renming told reporters the project began construction in January 2015, with total investment of 207 million yuan, covers an area of 40 acres. In order to make the project put into production as soon as possible, the project leader convened the workers to carry out the excavation of the tunnel under the gypsum mine, and on the other hand carried out the infrastructure construction on the ground. This project uses natural gypsum ore to carry out comprehensive deep processing, mainly producing new building materials products. The boss said there are rare competitors in the country, will be built with an annual output of 100 thousand tons of building gypsum powder, supporting tons of gypsum plastering.

It is understood that the project has since settled in Huaying, attaches great importance to the relevant departments at all levels in Huaying City. For the smooth progress of the project, the successful completion of the project in the target, the city not only sent tracking projects, the procedures for full service project, also coordinate and solve the land problem, provides security elements for successful completion of the project into trial production. 

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