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Common Sense and Purchasing Skill of Gypsum Board Ceiling

Dec. 04, 2017

Gypsum board is the most widely used type of new ceiling decoration materials, with good decorative effect and sound absorption performance, the price is lower than other roof decoration material. When choosing gypsum board, we should know about the specifications, varieties and properties, so as to make our living room decoration achieve the desired purpose.

The paper faced decorating and sound absorbing board is made of plasterboard, is made of light screen printing, coating decoration and drilling. It has the characteristics of fire prevention, sound  insulation, heat insulation and so on. The price of the decorative plaster line angle is lower and the application effect is good, it has become one of the indispensable supporting materials for the plaster ceiling decoration board. If plaster ceiling board pattern, color appropriate, match appropriate, the decoration effect is generous, beautiful, novel. 

Xiangyi can supply Paper Faced Gypsum Board Production Line, Plaster Board Machine, processing equipment with high quality. Welcome to contact us for more information.

Paper Faced Gypsum Board Production Line

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