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Gypsum Board Machine Innovation Set Off a Wave of Reform in the Industry

Dec. 07, 2017

Hebei Xiangyi Mechanical Equipment has established and perfected the management system, and passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environment system certification, ISO10012 measurement management system certification and so on, the company since its establishment in 5 consecutive all through the national and provincial quality inspection, product quality improved steadily, and reach the advanced level of the domestic industry. In particular, the second generation plasterboard with independent intellectual property rights developed by the company, the positioning Gypsum Board Production Line has been widely recognized by the market.

Compared with the traditional Paper Faced Gypsum Board Machine, the second generation gypsum board has adopted the new technology, and has two new function of factory location and easy coverage. Its surface whiteness is increased from 35 degrees to 70 degrees, the construction surface whiteness can remain unchanged for a long time. The construction efficiency has been improved, the cost has been reduced, and the engineering quality been ensured.

The positioning point of Gypsum Board Equipment is a domestic initiative, with its unique patented design, won the national invention patents, to fill the domestic blank, entered high-end industry, it has important role in promoting China construction industry to high quality direction.

Gypsum Board Production Line

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