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Xiangyi Gypsum Board Machine Is Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction

Jan. 18, 2018

Xiangyi engineering and technical personnel have studied for many years, according to the characteristics of plasterboard production, under the condition of Gypsum Board Production Line Permit, use simple mechanical principle to reduce motor installed capacity to reduce power consumption. 

Our company’s drying principle is different from other companies, on the premise of satisfying the air volume required for drying, reduce the number of fans and model of fan, so reduce the power consumption. In order to meet the demand of production, reduce heat conduction oil furnace specifications to reduce power consumption and energy consumption. To maximize the use of thermal energy, the biggest difference between we and other companies is we increase flue gas heat exchanger, gas temperature at 120 degrees. The dry hot wind blown into the drying chamber so as to accelerate the drying of gypsum board. Thermal energy has been fully utilized, greatly reduce the energy consumption. Xiangyi is the best Gypsum Board Equipment Supplier in China with excellent price. Welcome!

Gypsum Board Production Line

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