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The Quality And Price Analysis of Paper Faced Gypsum Board(Ⅰ)

Apr. 14, 2018

The Paper Faced Gypsum Board is a lightweight building sheet, which is very suitable for ceiling, which can also be used to produce non-load bearing partition wall in addition to serving.

When a lot of people have chosen the raw material of the paper faced gypsum board as the ceiling, the price becomes a concern.

In general, the price of a good quality is more expensive, so how to select a good quality paper faced gypsum board?

1. Observe the smoothness of the paper faced gypsum board:

The surface of high-quality paper faced gypsum board is light and thin,with high strength, smooth surface and no stain. The surface of poor quality is very fire, the strength is not good and the surface is not clean, there is a stain.

2. Pay attention to the purity of gypsum board core:

High purity of the gypsum core main ingredient is pure gypsum, but poor quality of gypsum board plate core contains many harmful substances. From the appearance, good gypsum board core color is white, and inferior gypsum board core is yellow, color is dim.

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