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The Quality And Price Analysis of Paper Faced Gypsum Board(Ⅱ)

Mar. 23, 2018

Today we continue to explain how to choose good quality Paper Faced Gypsum Board.

1. How about the degree of adhesion of paper?

Use wallpaper knife to draw a "X" on the surface of the gypsum board, tear open the surface in the inferior place, the quality paper layer will not be separated from gypsum board.

2. Look at the weight of the gypsum board

The same size of paper faced gypsum board, high quality product is usually lighter than the bad. Small pieces of board can be soaked in the water for testing at the same time , the fastest falling of the bottom of the board is the worst quality, while the high quality should float on the water.

3. Look at the inspection report of the paper gypsum.

The inspection report of gypsum board has some entrusted inspection, the entrusted inspection can produce a batch of board to send to inspect specially, do not guarantee the quality of all board material is qualified. There is also a sampling test, and the quality of the report is more assured.

Paper Faced Gypsum Board

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