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Introduction the Process of Gypsum Board Production Line

Mar. 26, 2018

Gypsum board is a building material as main raw materials in the building construction. Gypsum Board Equipment and Gypsum Board Production Line are becoming more and more demand by numerous manufacturers, Do you know the process of gypsum board production line ? Here's a brief introduction:

First of all: make the modified starch, retarder and water are put into the hydraulic pulping machine after the quantitative measurement, then the pulp is mixed into the raw material.

Secondly: pour the foaming agent and water into the foaming agent to mix well, and pump into the foaming agent reserve tank;

Then: the coagulant and the raw material can be transferred into the hopper by means of lifting the conveying equipment;

Finally: pour the slurry into the pump, the foaming agent uses the dynamic foaming device to get into the blender after foaming and the coagulant and powder are measured by automatic measurement and then enter the mixer. Then all the main auxiliaries are mixed into a qualified gypsum paste in the blender.

Gypsum Board Production Line

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