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Gypsum Production and Processing Measures Described (Ⅱ)

May. 03, 2018

Storage bin gypsum raw material feeder into the mill for finishing. Storage bin under an electromagnetic vibrating feeder, this mill gear and string, according to the operation of the mill immediately adjust the supply of substances. Materials are continuously fed into the electromagnetic vibrating feeder equally within the mill for grinding. After grinding gypsum flour mill from the blower heat blown bulging, after analysis machine at the top of the classification. Fineness fulfill the specifications of the powder, together with the airflow into the large cyclone collector, collected via a powder release pipe is finished. Finished drops screw conveyor, conveyor system into another shooting. Merry with a large cyclone collector return air duct to the blower. The whole air duct system is a closed loop, also is under negative pressure stream. Considering that the amount of wind mill is a raw material comprising water and disappeared into a gas throughout the grinding process, resulting in increased air-circulation route of this air flow, this growth from a large cyclone collector pipe between the mill and the introduction of dust bag filter to remove dust in the atmosphere, and then discharged to the environment, to guarantee a clean atmosphere. After material grinding system by particle size ~ 30mm, changed from 80 to 120 mesh, in accord with gypsum powder fineness requirements.

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