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Gypsum Production and Processing Measures Described (Ⅲ)

May. 09, 2018

Transport system over from grinding bread, hauled into the skillet firing, shooting after a fantastic meal cooked from the lifting conveyor to the finished product warehouse free. The machine includes hoist, boiling furnace, electrostatic precipitator, blower and other gear.

The machine employs a fluidized bed furnace for the present, China's most widely used construction gypsum calcining equipment, apparatus with small, easy structure of manufacturing capacity, hard to harm equipment, compact, simple to run low power consumption, small footprint, easy to implement automatic control, product quality plaster phase composition ideal physical properties stable infrastructure investment, very low operation cost seven advantages, are widely used in calcining process of natural gypsum and chemical gypsum into.

With this manufacturing line gear processing construction gypsum powder and its goods of good quality, the use of low temperature heat source, easy to plaster over-burning, as long as the appropriate control discharge temperature, the finished product doesn't contain gypsum, anhydrite and less than 5 percent, the remainder It is hemihydrate gypsum. Such a composition is ideal, physical functionality is also quite stable.

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