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Learn About Fiber Cement Board Production Line

Jun. 06, 2018

Fiber Cement Board Production Line equipment, its characteristic is that after measurement to join all kinds of raw materials mixing kneading machine for coarse mixing, kneading and mixing, and then by the conveyor belt materials uniform will add to the high pressure vacuum extruder extrusion. The slab by the synchronous cutting machine cutting, after piling into the curing chamber and maintenance by using buttress machine points crib, high-pressure pipe, after drying into a plate, edge, surface finishing, the final coating, packing into finished products; The hollow and solid fiber cement slabs can be prepared by using the technology and equipment of the utility model, and the production process is completely automated and the product quality is good.

The equipment of Fiber Cement Board Machine is a new type of building plate which is made from natural fiber and cement and is made of pulp, forming, cutting, pressing and curing. Belong to the new generation "green" building material, have environmental protection function alone on the basis of good moisture-proof, fireproof property. It is a new type of building material, which is mainly based on silicon and calcium materials, and is made of cellulose fiber reinforced materials.

Fiber Cement Board Production Line

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