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Gypsum board production line manufacturers

Jul 09, 2019

Gypsum board production line adopts advanced technology. We adopts the horizontal flow, vertical airflow heat exchanger heating system, the raw material feeding system and edge cutting and edge sealing and edge grinding and recycling system and stacking system are all controlled by computer. All the whole line is full automatic. Product Description 1. The gypsum board plant can be used to make regular gypsum board, moisture-proof gypsum board and fire-proof gypsum board. 2. Main process:  raw material preparation, mixing, shipping, cutting, wet transfer, dryer, dry transfer, booking, trimming and stacking. 3. Capacity:  2 million square meters per year, 4 million square meters per year, 6 million square meters per year, up to 60 million square meters. 4. Certification: ISO9000, CE, GOST, CCC, ETC application 1)The gypsum boards are advocated by the China as green building materials. Besides the natural gypsum, we also utilize our machines to recycle and reuse the gypsum produced by the high-polluting industries like chemical plants,power plants,etc., which highly improves the social living environment. 2) Our company adopts the dynamic foaming,hot-air drying and computer programming, which immensely improves the automation of production line. we are gypsum board plant  manufacturers,if you want  to buy gypsum board plant ,pls contact us .

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