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High Quality Gypsum Board Making Machine Manufacturers

Jul 15, 2019

Product Application The gypsum board making machine  is used to make gypsum board, including regular gypsum board, water-proof gypsum board, fire-proof gypsum board. The gypsum board making  machine is made with latest technology, energy-saving, and fully automatic. The gypsum board making machine's process:  raw material preparation, mixing, forming, setting, cutting, wet transfer, drying, dry transfer, trimming and stacking. Gypsum board production line equipment advantages: 1. Fine workmanship, high precision, reliable quality, beautiful appearance. 2. Accurate dosing raw material, foam foam standing is our patent, produce the board of light weight, good toughness and cost savings, 3. The cutting machine uses dual-serve motor, only1 mm gap between cutting saw, saving cost . 4. We adopt the hot air circulation, drying room temperature is uniform, the board has high strength and is not fragile. 5. High electrical automation degree, low failure rate, less workers. Application the gypsum board is often used in the Ceiling decoration. It is also a very good light walling material. In foreign countries, it is often used as walling material more than ceiling. Production process mainly includes the following several aspects paper supply system,water supply system,starch supply system,vesical supply system,forming section,transpotation system,transferring system,heat supply system,drying system board releasing system,dust collecting system,electricity -control system We control the quality of products strictly,keep every step standard,provide you the best price, In a word,Your satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit.

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