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Paper gypsum board installation standard

Aug 23, 2019

1. The gypsum board of the wall should be installed from the end of one side of the wall. After installing one side, carry out concealed installation of various pipelines, sockets, switches, etc. in the wall. After the acceptance of the concealed project is completed, install the other side of the gypsum board.

2. The gypsum board should be laid vertically, and the long side joints should be installed on the vertical keel. The overlap width of the gypsum board and the keel should be no less than 20mm.

3, light steel keel application special anti-rust self-tapping screws fixed and used electric screwdriver to enter and tighten once. The spacing between the screws along the gypsum board is 200mm, and the spacing between the screws in the board is 300mm; the edge of the screw should be 10~15mm, and the cutting edge should be 15~20mm.

4. When installing the gypsum board, it should be fixed from the middle of the board to the four sides of the board. The head is slightly buried into the board by 0.5 to 1.0 mm, and the paper surface must not be damaged.

5, the joint treatment of gypsum board should use the joint caulking paste and seam belt supplied by the manufacturer. The gypsum board and the surrounding wall or column shall have a 3 mm notch for the cracking treatment. Note that it is not possible to replace the caulking putty with a full batch of putty.

6. The lower edge of the gypsum board (cutting edge) is lifted by the top plate, about 10mm from the ground, and should not be placed directly on the floor.

7. The gypsum board should be tightly pressed along the same floor, leaving no gaps. A 10mm gap should be left at the top of the sound insulation partition wall, and the sealant should be embedded. For the construction of the fire partition wall and the top of the top sliding partition wall, refer to the relevant nodes in the GJT 002 of the light steel keel gypsum board partition wall.

8. The gypsum board must be installed by mistake (including vertical joints, transverse joints, single slabs on both sides of the keel, double-layer boards on both sides and double-layer boards on the other side of the keel side).

9. The corner of the corner should be used as a corner guard. The corner of the corner that is vulnerable to collision should be metal angled; the corner of the non-susceptible part should be metal angled paper.

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