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gypsum board production line manufacturers

Sep 12, 2019

The gypsum board production line includes hot oil type and direct burning type, the capacity is from 2million square meters per year to 30million square meters per year, ajusted by customers' request.Our production line consists of the parts below: specializes in manufacturing paper-faced gypsum board machines and relative spare parts, and proceed the customized design based on customers’ requirements like quality,quantity,raw materials and so on. gypsum board equipment maker with good dosing system and PLC control system with best price Gypsum board line looks gorgeous atmosphere, low energy consumption, high configuration, removable, improve installation efficiency, suitable for export, the industry's highest cost performance. Product advantage 1 We adopt the hot air circulation, drying room temperature is uniform, the board has high strength and is not fragile. 2 High electrical automation degree, low failure rate, less workers. 3 Accurate dosing raw material, foam foam standing is our patent, produce the board of light weight, good toughness and cost savings, 4 The cutting machine uses dual-serve motor, only1 mm gap between cutting saw, saving cost . 5 Fine workmanship, high precision, reliable quality, beautiful appearance.

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