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Gypsum board production line for sale

Nov 07, 2019

Gypsum board equipment introduction and process description: Gypsum board production line is a new building material for producing gypsum board, special equipment for gypsum board, the main working process of gypsum board production line is: plaster, water and each Adding ingredients, automatically metering, continuous, automatic transfer system into the mixer, mixing and mixing into a uniform slurry, spread to the gypsum board surface paper that moves forward continuously, during the process of advancement, the slurry is up and down The paper is completely encapsulated and extruded into a regular flat plate that continues to move forward at a strictly controlled steady speed on a continuous production line, gradually forming a wet gypsum board with a certain strength and shape, and an automatically controlled cutting system. Cut into a single board according to the set size. The single board is arranged, turned, and entered into the dryer through the program control system. The adsorbed water in the plate is evaporated at a strictly controlled drying temperature. The plate comes out of the dryer and gradually cools down during the production line. After turning over the front surface of each of the two plates again, the ends of the plate are cut into regular sizes by the end saw, and then transferred to the automatic stacker to be stacked into a neat and regular finished product storage. The gypsum board production line consists of three main components: the material room, the heating system, and the combined unit.

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