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China Current Gypsum Board Industry Status And Development Trend 1

Sep 08, 2018

Relevant experts believe that the gypsum board, a green building material, will be an important use material for non-load-bearing walls in the future interior decoration. The Paper Faced Gypsum Board Production Line is made of gypsum as a base material, which is mixed with a small amount of additives and reinforcing fibers, and is bonded to the surface of the board and the back of the board. The gypsum board was originally invented and produced in the United States in 1890. It was introduced to Europe in 1917. Due to its light weight, thermal insulation, fire prevention, sound insulation, convenient construction, and environmental protection, it has been rapidly applied in construction. Growing. According to statistics, as early as 1997, the annual output of American gypsum board reached 1.9 billion square meters. About 80% of the wall materials used gypsum board, and 100% of the residential buildings used gypsum board as the internal partition. material. Japan's production also exceeds 700 million square meters. In terms of per capita consumption, Canada is 13.2 square meters per person year, the United States is 8.1 square meters per person year, Japan and France are 4.4 square meters per person year, and the United Kingdom is 2.6 square meters per person year, far lower than other countries. 

Therefore, the production of professional gypsum board, have to need a professional Gypsum Board Production Line, a Gypsum Board Production Line Factory.

Gypsum Board Production Line

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