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Several Features Of Gypsum Board Production Line

Sep 20, 2018

The Gypsum Board Production Line consists of raw material batching system, mixer, board forming channel, board setting lineup, cut-off knife, transport desk, drier, booking machine, trimming machine and stacker.

Dependent on the application Regions of the gypsum board, Gypsum Board Processing Line is categorized into three: regular gypsum board, fire resistant gypsum board and moisture resistant gypsum board.

The feeding rate of gypsum stucco, additives and water is regulated automatically and exactly, which means that the precise source of all types of raw materials and also saves labour price.

IPC and PLC can attain communicating, which share information with one another to create central control. All information could be shown on pc monitor and review could be achieved through computer.

Hot air purification technology is embraced in the drying procedure. It ensures that the temperature in every deck of the drier same .

Gypsum Board Production Line

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