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The Characteristics Of Gypsum Board Production Line

Oct 25, 2018

The Gypsum Board Production Line is a special equipment for producing gypsum board composed of raw material supply system, plate making system, conveying system, horizontal system, drying system, ejecting system and trimming system.

1. LB-4 hydraulic automatic walking Gypsum Board Equipment combines the advantages of similar equipment at home and abroad, and solves the shortcomings of traditional gypsum wallboard with heavy weight, low strength, poor water and moisture resistance, etc. The overall performance of the equipment has reached the domestic leading level. ;

2. The core components of the equipment are made of imported materials, with excellent quality, small footprint, convenient operation and high production efficiency;

3. The product has good flatness, small error, anti-deformation, adjustable length and durability, and durable;

4, A Plaster Board Machine can produce 60mm, 90mm, 120mm, 150mm and other thickness and specifications of gypsum board;

5. The equipment forms two gypsum wall boards at a time, and the raw materials are automatically metered to ensure the quality and precision of the wallboard;

6. The hydraulic opening and closing mold is adopted, and the core tube is made of a new type of silica gel material. The air pressure expansion mode is designed to reduce the suction pipe resistance to zero, and the damage rate of the formed sheet is reduced to zero. The tube is completely synchronized, and the core tube does not need to be rinsed;

7. The key components and parts of Gypsum Board Processing Line adopt international famous brand products. The core components are subjected to fatigue durability test and reliability test to ensure stable operation and minimize failure rate.

Gypsum Board Production Line

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