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What Is The Process Flow Of The Gypsum Board Production Line?

Nov 12, 2018

Recently, some customers have always raised some process questions about the production line. The Gypsum Board Processing Line Manufacturer explains in detail how it works.

1. Batching section of Gypsum Board Production Line

The material in the silo is transported through horizontal and vertical conveying equipment and sent to the belt scale through a rigid impeller feeder. Excess material is sent back to the silo through conveyors such as feed conveyors and hoists.

Raw materials such as building gypsum, modified starch, coagulant, glass fiber (for the production of water-resistant gypsum board and refractory gypsum board) are separately metered, and then mixed into a spiral mixer and continuously fed into a vertical mixer.

The blowing agent is added to the storage tank. When in use, the blowing agent and moisture are respectively sent to the foaming device by the metering pump, and compressed air is introduced to generate a stable foam, which is sent into the vertical mixer.

After the adhesive tape is assembled in the tank, it is sent to the glue dispensing ports on both sides of the forming station, and the tape is sprayed on both sides of the paper on the plasterboard. The upper and lower facing papers are transported by the electric hoist to the paper holder.

2. Forming section of Gypsum Board Equipment

The formed paper is sent to the forming station through the paper storage machine, the tensioning device, the scoring device and the correcting device, and the gypsum slurry flows from the vertical mixer to the forming paper. The forming paper machine is sent to the forming station after passing through the paper machine, the tensioning device, the correcting device and the glue. The molding machine is plate type and the thickness can be adjusted. The molding machine gathers the paper, the lower paper, and the gypsum slurry to be wrapped into a plate of a predetermined thickness, and the formed gypsum board tape is smoothly sent to the cutting machine through the coagulation belt conveyor and the conveying roller to be cut according to the set length, and then the acceleration roller is used. The road is fed into a type 1 transverse conveyor, which is fed into the dryer after being brought close to the roller.

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