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Why Are More And More People Buying Gypsum Board Production Lines?

Feb 20, 2019

The Gypsum Board Production Line consists of raw material batching system, mixer, board forming channel, board setting line, cut-off knife, transport desk, dryer, washing machine, trimming machine and stacker.

Plasterboard production line works as often as necessary without consuming energy. Gypsum is the ideal surface for a wall because it has the same PH value and thermal conductivity properties as the human skin. Building materials made of gypsum always feel warm when touched. Gypsum Board Machine is no deception because gypsum possesses low thermal conductivity properties. As a result, gypsum building materials store has a warm feel.

Gypsum Board Production Line

Based on the application areas of the gypsum board, gypsum board production line is categorized into three: regular gypsum board, fire resistant gypsum board and moisture resistant gypsum board.

Gypsum Board Machine Exporter tell you The feeding speed of gypsum stucco, water and additives is controlled automatically and precisely, which ensures the accurate supply of all kinds of raw materials and saves labor cost.

IPC and PLC can achieve communication, which share data with each other to make central control. All data can be shown on computer monitor and inspection can be done through computer.

Hot air drying technology is adopted in the drying system. It ensures the temperature in each deck of the dryer same either.

The gypsum board is evenly dried and it makes the production line more energy-saving.

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