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Production Process of Calcium Silicate Board Production Line(Ⅰ)

Jul 13, 2018

As professional Calcium Silicate Board Production Line Supplier, we will introduce the production process of Calcium Silicate Board Production Line.

1, the cement, raw materials by measuring the amount of required inputs such as pulp pump pulper, the addition of water is controlled by back water tank, the pump in the pulper, circulation flow in raw material, fully mixing;

2, the slurry to the bucket slurry storage pool, stirring constantly to keep uniformity, the slurry to the middle and then sent to the flow slurry tank, storage tank in the flow of slurry in the same agitation to maintain uniformity, slurry by the flow of pulp board evenly on the rotation of a blanket, after vacuum dehydration, chamber after compression molding, material layer is around on the forming tube, material layer thickening and dewatering, the formation of a certain thickness of billet material;

3, squeeze mix water transfer in the pit, the back water pump to mix water, precipitation of the mud material back into the pump pulper with raw materials, part of the mix water for adjusting the concentration of slurry, the top even his waded into the water a little qing qing further precipitation tank, water used for cleaning blankets, sediment consider use or dispose of them, such as increased back into the water harmful impurities, water can be drained of water, add water to cleaning blanket way to join.

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