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Characteristics Of Building Gypsum Products

May 24, 2019

As a Gypsum Powder Production Line Supplier, we have summarized the characteristics of building gypsum products for everyone.

1. Condensation hardens quickly. The initial setting time of the building gypsum is not less than 6 minutes, and the final setting time is not 6 minutes, and it is completely hardened in about one week. Due to the fast condensation, it is necessary to mix a certain amount of retarder in the actual engineering use or production of building products, such as 0.1%-0.2% animal glue or 1% sulfite alcohol waste liquid, can also be blended with 0.1 % - 0.5% borax, etc.

2. After the building gypsum is hardened, the porosity is high and the strength is low. Its hardened strength (compressive pressure) is only 3 - 5MPa. But it has been able to meet the requirements for use as partitions and finishes.

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The strength of different types of gypsum cements after hardening varies greatly. The strength of a-type hemihydrate gypsum after hardening is usually 2.7 times higher than that of p-type hemihydrate gypsum. This is because the water demand for both hydration is 18.61%, but due to. The type of hemihydrate gypsum has coarse grains and a small specific surface area, so the actual water demand is small, only 30% to 40%. The p-type hemihydrate gypsum has fine crystal grains and large specific surface area, and its actual water demand is as high as 50%. "Obviously, the amount of water remaining after hydration of p-type hemihydrate gypsum is higher than that of hemihydrate gypsum. After the water evaporates, there are many pores left in the hardened body, and the strength is low. The compressive strength of the a-type hemihydrate gypsum after hardening can reach 10-40 MPa.

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