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gypsum board machine for sale

Jun. 01, 2020

gypsum board machine Product Advantage

      1.Gypsum board has the advantages of light weight, fire prevention, sound insulation, heat preservation, heat insulation and good processability, convenient construction, good disassembly performance and increased use area, etc.

      2.Gypsum board production line specifications models, complete sets of prices, is based on user requirements of product quality, product output, raw material structure and other factors designed to determine.

      3.Annual output: 1.5 million square meters/year -3000 square meters /year

gypsum board machine Product Application

1. The gypsum board plant can be used to make regular gypsum board, moisture-proof gypsum board and fire-proof gypsum board.

2. Main process: raw material preparation, mixing, shipping, cutting, wet transfer, dryer, dry transfer, booking, trimming and stacking.

gypsum board machine Main Features

1. High precision, reliable quality.

2. Accurate dosing raw material, light weight of gypsum board, and cost saving, etc.

3. Accurate cutter.

4. We adopt different kinds of dryer to make the temperature uniform.

5. High automation and less workers

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