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What Is Gypsum Board Production Line?

Aug 20, 2018

The Gypsum Board Production Line is composed of raw material supply system, plate making system, conveying system, transverse system, drying system, out board system, trimming system, etc. It is a special equipment for producing gypsum board.

The equipment is characterized by small equipment, high profit, cost recovery in a short period of time, pollution-free, recyclable waste. It is an environmental protection project initiated by the state. Its production process is simple and easy to learn, and the source of raw materials is extensive. It is an ideal choice for building projects.

1. As a Gypsum Board Machine Supplier, our China Gypsum Board Equipment integrates the advantages of similar equipment at home and abroad, resolves the shortcomings of traditional gypsum wallboard, such as heavy weight, low strength, poor water and moisture resistance, and the overall performance of the equipment reaches the leading level in China.

2. The core parts of the equipment are made of imported materials with excellent quality, small space occupied, convenient operation and high production efficiency.

3. The product has good flatness, small error, anti deformation, long and short adjustable, durable.

4. A device can produce 60mm, 90mm, 120mm, 150mm and other thickness and specifications of plasterboard;

5. The equipment will form two gypsum wall panels at a time, and the raw material is automatically measured to ensure the quality and accuracy of the wall panels.

We are Gypsum Board Production Line Exporter, and welcome to visit our factory.

Gypsum Board Production Line

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