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Gypsum board production line manufacturers in China

Jan. 15, 2020

Gypsum board production line is a special equipment for gypsum board production consisting of raw material supply system, board manufacturing system, transport system, horizontal system, drying system, board exit system, trimming system and so on.

The facility is characterized by small capital investment, high product profits, quick recovery of costs without pollution, and waste can be recycled and reused. This is a national environmental protection project. The production process is simple and easy to learn, and the raw materials are widely procured. Please select.

Gypsum board is a material made from gypsum. It is a kind of light weight, high strength, thin thickness, convenient processing, sound insulation, fire protection and other excellent building materials, and is one of the new lightweight panels currently focused on development. Gypsum board is used for interior partition walls, wall exterior panels (instead of plaster layers of walls), ceilings, acoustical panels, ground base panels, and for various buildings such as homes, office buildings, stores, hotels, industrial plants, etc. Widely used in various buildings. The type of decorative plate.

Gypsum board (divided into regular paper gypsum board (commonly used), fiber gypsum board, gypsum decorative board "description") It uses gypsum as the main material, fiber, adhesive, modifier, And add kneading, pressing and drying. success. It has properties such as fire protection, sound insulation, heat insulation, light weight, high strength, and small shrinkage, has good stability, aging, and insect repellency, and can be constructed with nails, saws, slides, and paste.

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