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The Synchronization System Of Gypsum Board Production Line

Jan 19, 2019

With the development of communication technology and control technology, as well as the popularity of industrial fieldbus. The Gypsum Board Equipment Exporter, the previous analog speed control was gradually eliminated, and replaced by more advanced field bus control technology. Fieldbus control relies on network technology to transmit data. It is more stable and reliable than traditional analog speed control transmission speed block.

Synchronous system control is an important control system in the Gypsum Board Production Line. The control equipment is dispersed. It is made up of 1# solidification belt, 2# solidification belt, conveyor, cutting machine, acceleration after cutting, acceleration after cutting, 2, and It consists of equipment such as dryers. The consistent synchronization speed between the equipment can ensure the continuous and stable production of qualified gypsum board, otherwise it will lead to serious consequences such as vertical nose, bagging and breaking, especially in high-speed Gypsum Board Processing Line, accurate synchronization speed can ensure stable production. . The system must maintain a strict synchronization speed, which requires acceleration/deceleration according to a specific speed chain.

Gypsum Board Production Line

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