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Gypsum Powder Application And DifferenceⅠ

Jun 26, 2018

1, building materials, construction supplied by gypsum powder machine

a: Anhydrite cement and cementitious material: It can be used to produce anhydrite cement or cementitious material by adding appropriate amount of activator, which is suitable for the reinforcement of soft soil foundation, wall painting, mechanical model, pit support and hygiene.

Fiber pressure plate and so on.

b: As a cosolvent and scavenger in glass production processes.

c: Used as a filler in industrial production such as plastic, rubber, paint, asphalt, linoleum, etc.

d: The main raw material of concrete expansion agent, anti-crack agent, self-leveling mortar.

e: Cast-in-place piles and deep-mixed piles are used as large expansion materials to increase frictional resistance.

f: Used as a composite mineralizer in special cement production

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