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Gypsum Powder Application Area And Difference II

Jun 29, 2018

1, chemical industry

a: Sulfuric acid production with light cement. 

b: Production of ammonium sulfate, with light calcium carbonate.

2. Agriculture

a: Gypsum powder produced by gypsum powder machine improve the soil, adjust the pH, apply to the improvement of the soil such as saline land, red soil.

b: The edible mushroom cultivation is used as a calcium, sulfur composite mineral fertilizer, and the pH of the medium is adjusted.

c: Used as a compound mineral feed additive in poultry and livestock feeds.

The anhydrite powder is packaged in plastic-plastic composite bags with a specification of 50±1KG, and can be supplied in bulk and other specifications according to user requirements.

Anhydrite powder should be stored under aeration and dry conditions. 

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