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gypsum powder production line supplier

May. 11, 2020

The gypsum powder production line manufacturer develops, manufactures, installs and commissions the gypsum powder production line. The main process includes crushing system, grinding system, calcining system, energy supply system, packing system and etc.The capacity of the production line ranges from 30,000 tons per year to 600,000 tons per year. The gypsum powder production line manufacturer has been making this machine for past  years.  The advantage of the line includes low energy consumption, high automatic level, small installation space, and easy operation.  They are developed by the gypsum powder production line manufacturer. 

This product adopts overseas advanced rotary edging technology, as well as the advantage of right-angle edging. It adopts servo motor to control the plasterboard running and rotating, to achieve the high precision, beautiful edging, no joint. It is mainly used for the edging of high quality plasterboard.

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