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How to Choose a Gypsum Board Equipment?

Jun 28, 2019

The gypsum board is more and more occupied in the building materials market due to its light weight, convenient installation, dry operation, excellent fireproof performance and novel decorative effect. The requirements for quality are getting higher and higher, and the requirements for the production of gypsum board equipment are becoming more and more strict. So how do you choose a gypsum board equipment to adapt to the market? As a Gypsum Board Production Line Exporter, we have the following recommendations.

Please look for the following:

1. The appearance of the product should be good;

2. The installed capacity should be small;

3. Product output should be high;

4. Product scrap rate should be low;

5. The degree of automation is high;

Gypsum Board Machine China

6. Power consumption, low energy consumption;

7. The cost of the test is small;

8. Maintenance costs should be small;

9. Equipment operation should be simple;

10. The reputation of the manufacturer is better.

The most important one is to look at the case and see how many meters per minute the Gypsum Board Machine  is,Only manufacturers who have done large equipment have real strength.

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