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Paper faced gypsum board production line manufacturers

Jun. 08, 2020

Paper faced gypsum board production line is a kind of light weight board decorating material with many specifications, whose main raw materials are calcined gypsum(natural gypsum, desulfurized gypsum, Phosphor gypsum)and card board( face paper), adding certain percentage of water, starch additives and foaming agent, after mixing, forming, cutting, drying, shearing and sealing procedures etc.It got the features as light weight fire-proof, heat insulation, vibration-proof. simple to produce, easy of application, elegant decoration effect etc.

Equipment advantages-paper faced gypsum board machinery

After years of research and development, our manufacturing is stable and reliable, accurate, saving energy and reducing consumption, and the advantages of low noise, we have 8 patented gypsum board making equipment technologies:

1. Fine workmanship, high precision, reliable quality, beautiful appearance.

2. Accurate dosing raw material, foam foam standing is our patent, produce the board of light weight, good toughness and cost savings,

3. The cutting machine uses dual-serve motor, only1 mm gap between cutting saw, saving cost .

4. We adopt the hot air circulation, drying room temperature is uniform, the board has high strength and is not fragile.

5. High electrical automation degree, low failure rate, less workers.

Our company has been established for decades. The old engineers with many years of practical experience and the young team with ideas have solid and modern ideas. and a very dedicated sales team dedicated service.If you want to buy this kind of equipment, please contact me.

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