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Precautions for operation of gypsum line manufacturing equipment

Jun. 16, 2020

By properly operating the gypsum line manufacturing equipment, you can efficiently manufacture the machine and avoid unnecessary obstacles. Hebei Bayi Machinery Co., Ltd. introduces operation notes for gypsum line manufacturing equipment.

First, we will assign specialized technical training personnel to set up the transfer operation procedure, precautions, troubleshooting and processing method. After training, users of gypsum line production equipment should arrange professional technical personnel to trained personnel or experienced personnel as much as possible staff, so you can avoid troubles due to daily accidents

Secondly, after purchasing the production equipment for the gypsum line, it is necessary to develop effective management rules and regulations for regularly checking and repairing the machine. Furthermore, after the mill has been running for a period of time, the equipment, especially the comprehensive inspection of grinding rings and grinding, the wear parts of the rollers and blades are usually replaced if the grinding rollers are not used for more than 500 hours. The maximum scrap is 10 mm. If the wear is severe, but still in production, it is prone to unexpected failures. When replacing the grinding rollers, the rolling bearings inside the roller sleeves must be thoroughly cleaned before adding new lubricant and the highly damaged parts are replaced in time.

Third, you need to control the fineness of the finished product. Thickness non-uniformity is not suitable for machines. Analyzer speed is the key to controlling the fineness of the finished product. Users can adjust according to their granularity requirements.

Fourth, you need the right process to start and stop your gypsum line equipment. Equipment must be turned on to load material, and the sequence process of turning equipment components on and off, and so on, are all effective ways to maintain mill accessories and extend service life. The equipment should also be cleaned during shutdown and trimming. In particular, make sure that there are no other foreign objects in the grinding chamber.

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