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Principles For The Use Of Desulfurized Gypsum Powder

May 15, 2019

As a Gypsum Powder Production Line Supplier, we share with you the principles of the use of desulfurized gypsum powder.

(1) Adhere to the principle of expanding utilization, efficient utilization, clean utilization, and making the best use of it, focusing on the promotion and recycling of desulfurization gypsum with large amount of potential and great potential for resource utilization, rationally extending the industrial chain, and developing high value-added comprehensive The use of products to reduce secondary pollution, improve resource utilization efficiency, and achieve an organic unity of economic, social and environmental benefits.

(2) Adhere to the principle of market orientation, adapt to local conditions, produce and sell the right way, determine the priority development areas of comprehensive utilization of desulfurization gypsum, improve resource utilization efficiency, and reduce important measures of waste discharge, and become the driving force for the healthy development of enterprises.

Gypsum Powder Production Line China

Direct use of desulfurized gypsum powder

(1) It can be used as a cement retarder after drying;

(2) It can be used as an improvement of saline-alkali land after preparation.

(3) Used for various building plasters after calcination.

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