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Application Of New SS Plate Heat Exchanger In Gypsum Board Production Line 1

Jan 28, 2019

In the Gypsum Board Production Line, the carbon steel tubular heat exchanger is mostly used for the waste heat recovery and utilization of the dryer, but the heat exchanger has large volume, low efficiency and poor corrosion resistance. In order to improve the heat exchange efficiency, a new stainless steel plate heat exchanger was applied to replace the original carbon steel tube heat exchanger.

Gypsum Board Machine Exporter tell you The heat exchanger has the advantages of small volume, heat exchange efficiency of about 70% or more, easy installation, good corrosion resistance and long service life.

The new stainless steel plate heat exchanger uses a countercurrent gas-gas heat exchange. The principle is that the hot and cold air exchanges heat through the heat exchange plate, and the humid heat kiln discharged from the dryer is cooled and dehumidified, and the cold air is preheated, and the preheated air is sent to the dryer to dry the gypsum board. This process allows the heat of the hot and humid air to be reused while precipitating the water.

The new stainless steel plate heat exchanger is composed of a whole machine frame, a stainless steel separator heat exchange layer, a heat exchanger drainage system, a duct inlet and outlet, and a welding flange.

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