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Application Of New SS Plate Heat Exchanger In Gypsum Board Production Line 2

Feb 11, 2019

Gypsum Board Production Line Exporter continue to explain to you, the new stainless steel heat exchanger layer is made of stainless steel and is formed by cold forming to form a spaced air duct cavity (one side is cold air and one side is hot and humid air). The hot and cold gas passages are welded by stainless steel plates to ensure that the hot and cold gases do not cross each other, which is the core part of the stainless steel heat exchanger. In order to ensure the quality of the separator, it is required to manufacture the entire steel plate, and there is no leakage and pressure resistance between the separators. When the stainless steel plate is cold-worked, it should form a boss and a rib, and then the boss and the rib are mounted to support the steel plates and the pressure resistance (2 000 Pa). Each layer of the stainless steel plate is welded by electric resistance welding to form a spaced closed cavity.

Gypsum Board Equipment Exporter also tell everyone the heat exchanger drainage system consists of a discharge line and a valve. The drainage system must be able to discharge the cooling water out of the heat exchanger in time to prevent the cooling water from flowing along the air passage, which will affect the quality of the gypsum board.

The above is the application of the new stainless steel plate heat exchanger on the Gypsum Board Production Line.


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